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Graduate in Cap
- General Evaluation - $90 – gives the US equivalency of the education reflected in the documents received and an overall grade average can be included. This type of evaluation is suggested for purposes of employment, visa, or graduate admission (depending on the requirements of the particular institution).

- Course by Course Evaluation - $145 – contains all the information of a General evaluation but also lists all secondary subjects and grades (where appropriate), university courses with grades and credits in US terms and an overall grade average. This type of evaluation is suggested for purposes of admission with transfer credit but may also be required for purposes of graduate admission and possible for employment in the field of education or for teaching positions.

- CPA (Certified Public Accountant) Evaluation - $190 – is for applicants wishing to sit the Uniform CPA Examination or seeking Licensure in the state of Massachusetts (and any other state that accepts CED evaluations for this purpose). It includes the US equivalence of the foreign study and lists courses, credits required in the specific areas of Accounting and Business for the state of Massachusetts, and official transcript(s) from any study completed in the US. All CPA reports require English translations of any document not in English and also requires official transcript(s) from any US study that must be included in the report. For purposes of Licensure the letter from the State Board showing the applicant has passed the exam is required.
Extra copy of report ($30). This is requested when the applicants wish to have the previously done report sent to a different institution or office with current date. No other changes will be added. The processing time is 1-3 working days with payment by Paypal or Money Order. With payments by check the processing time will be longer. Additional copies of this updated report are $10 each if requested at the same time.
The required documents, depending on the type of report and purpose include the following:

- Diplomas/Graduation or degree Certificates/Transcripts of Grade Reports.
- All documents should be submitted in the original language along with an English Translation, with exceptions for Spanish and Portuguese language documents.
- Only originals or clear and legible official copies should be submitted.
- Electronic Submissions are acceptable but the applicant is responsible for knowing the specific requirements of a particular institution.
- Professional Certification if applicable (Teacher, Accountant, Pharmacist, etc.)
- Do not submit original diplomas or course descriptions unless specifically requested.
- The type of documentation (copy/original, official sealed transcripts, etc.) depends on the country, purpose and/or institutions receiving the report. Please contact CED or the institution you are applying to for more information.
- Copies of documents MUST include front and back sides of the page IF there is written information on the back of a page.
- The written report will reflect the type of document received.
- For mailing services and fees for return of documents, see Fees and Payments.

- All documents issued in a language other than English require page by page translations.

- For documents in Spanish or Portuguese language, CED provides a service of Interpretation that requires an additional fee of $50. Please note: Interpretation service is not a written, word for word, line by line translation of a document. It means that CED can do the evaluation from documents in Spanish or Portuguese without the benefit of a formal translation supplied by the applicant. General evaluations from Spanish or Portuguese documents do not usually require translation or interpretation but there may be exceptions. The Interpretation service does not apply to CPA evaluations.

For documents requiring translation, in the Boston area applicants may wish to contact IDC in Boston. Translations from any ATA affiliated translation agency are acceptable.

The basic fee depends on the type of evaluation requested and includes the preparation of one original and one copy. Fees for additional services such as interpretation, rush services and specific mailing services, or additional copies will be added to the basic fee. The fee for any evaluation includes original (to be sent as indicated by the applicant) and copy (to applicant). No refund will be issued after the evaluation process has begun.
  • - Payment Options are personal check, US money order or via PayPal. Payment for evaluations with a rush service is ONLY with MONEY ORDER or via PAYPAL. If a check is returned for any reason the applicant is responsible for a penalty fee of $25 in addition to the original fee and subsequent payment is only with Money order or via PayPal.
  • - If none of the above forms of payment are accessible to the applicant, please inquire about a Wire Transfer. There is an additional $50 for Wire Transfer. For applicants wishing to have their documents returned to them there are various possibilities within the US postal service:
    • - Domestic Priority Mail - $15 - faster service and has a tracking number. Required for all reports to self (To Whom It May Concern).
    • - Domestic Registered Mail - $20 - requires signature for receipt and has a tracking number. The safest form of mail service according to the US Postal Service.
    • - Domestic Express Mail - $30 - overnight service and a tracking number.
    • - International Registered Mail - $30 - tracking number available.
Each of these services has certain benefits and limitations and the choice is the responsibility of the applicant. Applicants may also send and receive documents by courier service but are responsible for all payments and mailing instructions. The address of CED is 20 Park Plaza, Suite 515, Boston MA 02116.
Processing time begins when all necessary documents have been received and confirmation of payment has been made. The processing time for evaluations are:
- Regular service – 7 business days. Payments by check may take longer.
- 4-5 day Rush service.
- 1-2 day Rush service.

The processing time begins when all necessary documentation and payment have been received. If additional information requiring contact with a foreign institution or organization is required, the completion date may be extended as necessary. Fees for rush services are additional to the cost of the evaluation.

The Center reserves the right to verify documents with the issuing institution or agency. There are two Rush Services available: Within 1-2 working days ($150 in addition to basic fee) and within 4-5 working days ($50 in addition to basic fee).

Before requesting Rush Service the applicant must contact the Center for information regarding the current processing time. In submitting the application, the client accepts the conditions of the Center as described here and on the application form.

Extra reports, when ordered at the same time as an evaluation, are $10 per report. (This fee also applies to extra report when requesting an additional copy of a previously done evaluation, an addition to an evaluation or with a change of purpose.)

The Center for Educational Documentation provides evaluations of foreign credentials for the Massachusetts Board of Public Accountancy. CED evaluations are also accepted by various other states in the US but the applicant is responsible for confirming this information. Evaluations for the CPA examination or licensure do require official transcripts from all study including US study.

For information about the dates of examinations, deadlines, regulations and requirements to sit the examination, please visit the website in Massachusetts or www.nasba.org (to verify information about the examination in other states).

You can also receive information by calling 1-800-CPA-EXAM. Only the Massachusetts Board of Public Accountancy can determine if an applicant is qualified to sit for the examination

- CED may verify any document submitted with the issuing institution or agency. -If a document is confirmed as not authentic after an evaluation has been completed, the original recipient and applicant will be notified. No refund will be made. - CED reserves the right to refuse service to any applicant. - Applicants are responsible for confirming if a CED report is accepted by the institution/office as recipient on the application form. - No reports or applicant copies will be sent without the applicant’s signature on the application form. - Any report not being sent to a specific individual or institution must be sent to the applicant by Priority Mail.

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