Fees and Payments

The basic fee depends on the type or purpose and the complexity of the evaluation, and is indicated on the application form. It includes the preparation of one original and copy . No refund will be issued for cancellation of an evaluation after the application has been received and the evaluations process begun. The fees are listed in Section 2 of the Application Form.

Payment for the basic services should be by personal check (from a U.S. bank only) Paypal, or Money Order. Checks without number are not acceptable. For clients out of the United States, payment can be made with an International Money Order or a check drawn on a U.S. bank. Returned checks are subject to an additional $25 charge.

Original Documents

Only originals, or clear and legible official copies of documents should be submitted. The Center reserves the right to request to see original documents at any time. Most institutions prefer that the Center receive official documents and for others, it is required.

Return of original documents upon completion of the evaluation requires a fee of $10 for Certified Mail service and an address within the United States.

For return by Registered Mail there is a fee of $15 and for Registered International Mail the fee is $25.

Method of Service

Our evaluation service is conducted only by mail. If additional information is needed to supplement materials submitted, the Center will contact the applicant, who is responsible for submitting all necessary records, and for documenting the educational background for which an evaluation is being sought. An evaluation report will be prepared only after all necessary supporting material has been submitted. Please send all requests for evaluation and documents to the Boston address that appears on the application form (PO Box 170116, Boston MA 02117).

Processing Time

The Center requires 10 working days to prepare an evaluation after the complete documentation is received, and may extend this period if considerable research and correspondence are needed or during periods of unusually high application requests.

The Center reserves the right to verify documents with the issuing institution or agency. There are two Rush Services available: Within 1-2 working days ($150 in addition to basic fee) and within 5-7 working days ($50 in addition to basic fee). Original documents are required for this service.

When requesting Rush Service please contact the Center to inquire about the current processing time. In submitting the application, the client accepts the conditions of the Center as described here and on the application form.

Documents Required

The documents needed to prepare an evaluation depend on the purpose and use of the evaluation, but generally include:

Course descriptions may be requested for further information about content or laboratory work. These may be submitted upon request. Applicants should not send course descriptions unless specifically requested.

If the Center requests additional documents for completion of the evaluation, these must be submitted within 6 months of the original request. Requests for evaluations that are pending additional documents or information beyond this period will incur an additional fee of $25 for re-activation of the file.

The Center reserves the right to decline to prepare an evaluation if the documents submitted do not provide sufficient information to make an accurate evaluation or do not follow patterns accepted by this center.


For documents in languages other than English, certified translations must be provided together with the documents in their original language.

The Center provides the service of interpretation in Spanish and Portuguese for course-by-course evaluations if the applicant does not have official translations. The fee is an additional $50 to the fee for the evaluation. Documents submitted in all other languages must be accompanied by translation done by a translation service either in the country of origin or the U.S.

Interpretation: General evaluations in Spanish and Portuguese do not generally require interpretation service. There may be exceptions. The interpretation service does not apply to CPA evaluations.

If the applicant needs to have a written translation however, it is suggested to contact the following agency:

International Documentation Center

Tel. 1-844-499-1100

Irregular and Altered Documents

If it has been determined that any document is not authentic or has been altered in any way, the application will be cancelled and no evaluation report will be prepared. The documents will not be returned and all recipients indicated on the application form will be notified.

Additional Copies

Additional copies ordered at the same time of the original evaluation are $10 each. This fee also applies to any extra copies ordered after a retyping, an addition or a change of purpose.